*Apple facing issues.


Apple iPhone users are reporting major issues after updating to iOS 13.2.

With iOS 13.2, Apple has launched several features for iPhone users over the world. This feature is being the main differentiator that separates the iPhone’s photographic capabilities from the competition; However, with all the improvements, there is one major drawback that’s observed with iOS 13.2 and that is miss multitasking issues; and this is affecting millions of iPhone users the world.

IOS 13.2 features a bug into background app management which is even causing in iPhone 11 Pro devices to crash out apps the very moment that they’re not in use. The main app that’s affected happens to be Apple’s very own Safari web browser on the iPhone. Even Apple fan sites such as iMore have consented that iOS 13.2 appears to have “broken multitasking”.

They couldn’t believe it when they started seeing almost all the apps reloading after being in the background, only for less than a minute. It seriously affects the experience of using an iPhone, especially when using timeline-based apps.

However, when one issue gets resolved, another one pops up. Expect Apple to update to fix this memory-gate in the next few days.

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