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Instagram’s new feature

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Instagram giving its users the power to restrict bullies on its platform, Facebook-owned Instagram has now extended its anti-bullying tool to hurtful captions on photos and videos. Now, if someone bullies you on an Instagram caption on your photos or videos, it will immediately be flagged with a notification: ‚ÄúThis caption looks similar to others […]

Achieve success before your friends even graduate.

Markus Hetzenegger, founder and CEO of NYBA Media Gmbh, a fast-growing digital marketing agency in Germany that generates nine-digit revenues for its customers. Says– “Back when I was considering whether to go to college, I asked myself where I wanted to be one day and how I could get there the fastest if I’d wanted […]

Is It Important To Own A Degree??


It’s not important to actually need a degree these days. Gary Vaynerchuk, founder, and CEO of VaynerX; five-time New York Times bestselling author of “Crushing It!> “I clearly remember failing a test in Seventh grade, which I embarrassingly had to get signed by my dad. I was really upset, and then it striked me: “Forget […]