Hrithik Roshan has outdone himself in War: Director Siddharth Anand

“When it comes to action, India has not produced a bigger action superstar than Hrithik. His commitment to pushing his body and his intent to push the envelope of action cinema in the country makes him the most loved action superstar,” said Anand, adding, “In War, Hrithik has outdone himself and taken incredible risks to give audiences a visual spectacle that they have never seen before.”

In the movie, Hrithik will be seen jumping off a bridge in Porto, Portugal taking him into a free fall for about 300 feet.

“We were shooting a high-octane chase sequence in Porto that required Hrithik to jump off a bridge and he instantly committed to the action design. He is an actor who always wants to give audiences something new to see on screen,” Anand said.

The director praised Hrithik’s hard work.

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