Black widow

Dark Widow trailer. The main trailer for Marvel’s independent Black Widow motion picture featuring Scarlett Johansson has been uploaded on the web. Johansson has just played the character, otherwise known as Natasha Romanoff, in a series of past Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including Captain Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers:Continue Reading

KGF Chapter 2

Sanjay Dutt Begins Shoot For KGF Chapter 2 Sunjay Dutt has started shooting for the hyped upcoming thriller KGF Chapter 2 in Hyderabad. In KGF Chapter 2, Sanjay Dutt will Play a character called Adheera, who is foe. As we saw in Chapter 1 Adheera’s identity was newer revealed. HeContinue Reading


Hrithik Roshan has outdone himself in War: Director Siddharth Anand “When it comes to action, India has not produced a bigger action superstar than Hrithik. His commitment to pushing his body and his intent to push the envelope of action cinema in the country makes him the most loved actionContinue Reading