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Yes, it’s true, PUBG Mobile is expected to be updated to version 0.16.0 and the new update is bringing some interesting features. These new changes include the addition of a new game mode called RageGear, In which teams will fight on vehicles just like Death Race. secondly, it seems like we’ll finally going to experience snow in Erangel. After this new update

The new update still not available in the global version of the game, but it is available on the Beta version. We’ve tried some of the new features out to give you an idea of what to expect in this new update.


RageGear is the name of the Death Race game mode coming in the new update. In this mode, you and your team-mate pick a vehicle and try to blast the vehicles of the enemies. One player will drives, while the other recline out and shoots. Players get three vehicles to choose from, each with their own benefits. The Dacia has balanced stats and it is armed with Gatling guns. The UAZ has maximum health and has shotgun, but its speed is slowest. The last vehicle is the Buggy, it has the highest speed, and is armed with rocket launchers, but has the lowest hit points. 

The RageGear mode is also divided into two modes, TDM and Pick Up. TDM is just like standard deathmatch but in cars. Destroying the other team you earns points, and the first team to reach a defined score wins. Pick up is pretty much the same, but your score points will regulate on the map. Currently, there is only one map for RageGear called Ring of Sand, and the plus point is players have the option of swapping seats during a match to dodge bullets.


After months of rumours, the developers have finally added snowy sections to Erangel. The snow is limited to the high altitude areas of the map such as . Snow is concentrated into three areas, Stalber (North-East corner), The hills West of Pochinki and the hills West of Georgopol. A proper ‘ice castle’ that is located on the spawn island.

As an added feature, players will have the option to ‘ski’ down the snowy hills. By pressing the button, players will start snowboarding. It seems like players do not need to collect any specialised equipment in order to ‘ski’. Players will get a button, to ski and then controls will be same as any vehicle. It should be noted that players cannot fire when riding and the snowboard will automatically be stored away once the snow runs out.

Till now we do not yet know when v0.16.0 will be available for the global version of the game. But it should not take too long before all these features are made available to everyone. This update can be available by January as Royle pass is also ending. So it might be possible we see Royle pass season 11 in snow.

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