5. You can achieve success before your friends even graduate
Markus Hetzenegger, founder and CEO of NYBA Media Gmbh,

Markus Hetzenegger, founder and CEO of NYBA Media Gmbh, a fast-growing digital marketing agency in Germany that generates nine-digit revenues for its customers.

Says– “Back when I was considering whether to go to college, I asked myself where I wanted to be one day and how I could get there the fastest if I’d wanted a leadership position in a large company, I would have made a different decision, but my goal was to be my own boss and work hard on my own projects, My motive is to work hard for myself, not for my bosses. while others spent years studying and stuck between exams and assignments or parties, I built a seven-figure company in the same amount of time. That was not easy, but it was the only path I could see for myself.


3. Just learn by doing
Brandon Dawson

Brandon Dawson, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of Cardone Ventures; founder and CEO of Audigy; host of “The B Dawson Show” podcast

Says- “I was an average student with a 2.4/5 GPA. After high school, I moved to Georgia for a sales job which taught me to be self-sufficient, connect with others, and sell to professionals. I gained all the skills to survive and hustle on my own and the courage to never look back. This confidence served me well when I walked away from a lucrative job to start a business as a 27-year-old with two young children. At 29, I took the company public. I later built and sold another for $151 million. I didn’t need a degree to teach me something I’d rather learn by doing anyway. I learned by thinking bigger and challenging myself to make a more significant impact. Intentional action creates results. If you’re committed, you’ll eventually succeed

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